Human Trafficking chungchang zirtirna Phullen Kohhranah neih a ni

Ni 15.1.2017 Sunday khan, Presbyterian Phullen Kohhran Naupang Sunday School chawhnu Naupang Inkhawmah NSS Unit, Phullen Higher Secondary School huaihawtin Human Trafficking chungchang inzirtirna Sunday School naupangte pualin huaihawt a ni.


He hun hi Pi Lalremliani Programme Officer, NSS Unit, PHSS chuan a kaihruaia, Pathian hnena inhlanna – hunserh chu Nl Lalrochhungin a hmang a. Pu B.Lalhriatpuia, VCP Phullen chu Resource Person niin Human Trafficking chungchang chu naupangte leh kalkhawmte hnenah hrilhfiahin a zirtir a ni.

He hunah hian Sunday School naupang thahnem tak an kalkhawm bakah, Village Council members te an tel kim vek a. NSS Unit programme officers te leh NSS Volunteer thahnem tak an tel bawk a. Programme hlawhtling taka hman a ni.


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